Video: Life Jackets and Seat Belts, It’s Your Choice

This creative video contrasts the societal norms of seat belt usage in cars against life jacket wear rates in boats but, it doesn’t matter which mode of transportation, once you’ve realized that you’re about to be in an accident, there’s no time to buckle up in a car or a boat. Watch how these two scenarios unfold.

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Paddling is a fun and safe activity, especially if you pay attention to these common-sense rules — always wear a life jacket, don’t paddle alone, dress for water temperature and don’t mix alcohol and paddling.

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Box Store Bargain Kayak – Don’t Forget the Life Jacket

If you go to the box store for paper towels and end up with a kayak, make sure you also pick up a life jacket. Because nobody wants to pull a Brad.

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Getting back on your sit-on-top kayak isn’t that hard – if you know how. That’s why it’s a great idea to take a paddling safety class BEFORE you flip.

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