Info-link: U.S. Powerboat Market Snapshot


US Powerboat Market includes all recreational powerboats (including PWCs) registered in the US as of year-end 2019. Not included are sailboats and self-propelled craft such as canoes and kayaks.

  • There are currently about 10.5 million powerboats registered in the U.S., almost half of which (45%) were purchased new or pre-owned during the past 5 years.
  • The average powerboat is 22 years old and roughly 320,000 of them are being retired from the fleet each year.
  • Last year, 76% of all powerboats were purchased pre-owned (24% New).
  • 31% of the people that purchased a powerboat in 2019 were first-time-boat buyers and 37% of them own another boat (including PWC).
  • Powerboat buyers tend to be well established. 74% of them are over 40 years-old; almost all own their home; and they have usually lived there for a while.

Additional reports for several key sub-segments of the US Powerboat Market are available. Send an e-mail to or call (305)661-3030.

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