Info-link: U.S. Large Cruiser Market Snapshot

Large Cruisers are fiberglass, inboard, stern drive and outboard boats that are between 27’ and 32’ in length. They typically offer extensive amenities, including the ability to take shelter from weather. They are common in both salt and larger freshwater environments and are usually used for general recreation and relaxation.

  • There are currently just under 150,000 large cruisers registered in the U.S., nearly half (49%) of which were purchased new or pre-owned during the past 5 years.
  • The average large cruiser is 21 years old and roughly 3,500 of them are being retired from the fleet each year.
  • Last year, 86% of all large cruisers were purchased pre-owned (14% New).
  • 28% of the people that purchased large cruisers in 2019 were first-time-boat buyers and over one third (37%) of them own another boat (including PWC).
  • Large cruiser buyers tend to be well established. 86% of them are over 40 years-old; almost all own their home; and they have usually lived there for a while.

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