Video: Salty Jefferson and What to Wear

Everyone knows Salty Jefferson.

Every paddler has heard the tales of ol’ Salty, or at least versions of them.

The stories are the stuff of legends — the type that circulates around the campfire. Stories born of bad choices.

And bad choices Salty has made. If there was ever a chance to make an errant call that results in serious consequence, Salty has erred. Again and again.

And again.

He has lived to tell us these tales (though his questionable paddling partners are not so lucky), for he has learned every kind of paddling lesson … the hard way.

His sudden appearances often beg more questions than answers.
Who exactly is Salty Jefferson? Why is he here now? What is this video?

Do not get bogged down in details.

Salty is simply here to make the unknown known. He appears in order to get inside your head to make that unknown next bad choice a better one. And, all kidding aside, he is here to share his hard-won lesson.

In a case for cold-water paddling, the directive is simple: If you’re going to be on the water, prepared to be in the water. Always dress for immersion.

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