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South Carolina Newspaper Shares WSF’s Top Tips for Safer Boating just in time for Independence Day Weekend

The Fourth tends to be one of the worst days of the year for boating accidents. The heat of summer, alcohol and a rush to get home after fireworks shows often combine to create a perfect storm that results in numerous accidents and deaths, boating experts say.

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U.S. Coast Guard Releases 2020 Boating Safety Statistics Report

The U.S. Coast Guard released its 2020 Recreational Boating Statistics Report Wednesday, revealing that there were 767 boating fatalities nationwide in 2020, a 25.1 percent increase from 2019.

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How to Choose the Correct Children’s Life Jacket

Children’s life jackets come in all different sizes and styles, depending on the child’s body weight and comfort in the water. Here are some tips for helping choose what works best for your kids.

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