Paul Barnard

Recreational Boating Safety Program Manager, US Coast Guard District 8, New Orleans, LA

Cell: 504 202 8948 

Office: 504.671.2148


Paul Barnard is the Recreational Boating Safety Program Manager of US Coast Guard District 8, based in New Orleans, LA. He has 34 years of Coast Guard experience serving as Rescue Boat Coxswain, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, SAR Coordinator, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Program Manager, and Recreational Boating Safety Program Manager.

Boating Industry Insider Podcast Talks About National Safe Boating Week with Jim Emmons

Joining Boating Industry content director David Gee in this episode is Jim Emmons to discuss the latest boating safety statistics, the impact on boating safety with a rise in the number of first-time boaters, and the part the entire boating industry can play when it comes to boating safety education.

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12 Top Boating Safety Tips for the Busy Summer Boating Season

With new and used boat sales soaring to record highs in 2020 to first-time boat buyers, boating safety stakeholders are taking extra measures to communicate and promote safe boating practices in advance of the busy summer boating season.

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All About Engine Cut-Off Switches: The $20 Device that Saves Boater’s Lives Is Now Required By Federal Law

An engine cut-off switch is one of the most essential boating safety devices. Also called a “safety lanyard” or “engine kill switch,” it’s designed to shut off a boat’s engine if the operator is thrown from the helm.

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