DeVaul “De” Henderson

Director of Development, NauticEd/International Sailing Education

CELL: 300.600.5350


In partnership with NauticEd, De co-developed the first combined online knowledge and on-the-water practical training program for basic sailing education, which has set a new industry benchmark. NauticEd features an extensive e-learning theory curriculum for sailing knowledge coupled with practical on-the-water skills training programs facilitated via a global network of experienced instructors. To date, NauticEd has provided more than a quarter million sailing courses to students worldwide.

De brings more than 15 years of direct marine industry experience to this key leadership role, coupled with 30+ years of personal sailing and powerboating experience. He previously served as director and/or general manager of multiple sailing schools, clubs, and programs throughout North America.

In his sailing tenure, De has worked with scores of instructors and thousands of students to achieve their sailing goals: from beginners just learning the ropes, to experienced sailors seeking to achieve charter certifications or international sailing adventures, to supporting and facilitating the ongoing education of advanced practitioners including long-distance passage-makers. Above all, he’s committed to helping maximize the educational endeavors of students to achieve their greatest personal competency and sailing fulfillment goals.

A key personal achievement includes his affiliation with the first sailing school in the U.S. to adopt and become NASBLA-approved for American National Standards for on- water recreational sail training. Other stellar personal accolades include the development of international training and adventure sailing programs in Guadeloupe, the British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Mexico and Greece, along with creating corporate team bonding and wellness sailing programs for clients such as Microsoft and Nike, among others. A particularly meaningful distinction, De was the recipient of Oregon’s (OHCF) Community Champion Award for his personal commitment and successful launch of a sailing program for the terminally ill.

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