Chris Edmonston

President, BoatU.S. Foundation, VP BoatU.S. Government Affairs  

OFFICE: 703.461.2878 ext 8356

Chris Edmonston is a lifelong boater who brings more than 30 years of experience in the marine industry, with 20+ years specializing in boating safety issues and concerns. Besides his role of president of the BoatU.S. Foundation, he also serves as vice president of government affairs for BoatU.S. 

He is the past chair of the National Safe Boating Council and currently serves on the US Coast Guard National Boating Safety Advisory Council. He is a member of the Coast Guard’s ‘Tiger Teams’ for life jacket use and visual distress signals. 

Mr. Edmonston is the past chair of NASBLA’s National Education Standards Panel which sets the standards for all recreational boating education. He is a Master Instructor Trainer for on-water boat handling. 

He is also chair and on the board of the Sportfish and Boating Partnership Council and board secretary of the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

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